Terms & Conditions



  1. THE HOTEL will provide the GUEST with the leasing service of a room and its accessories, upon payment of the fees and prices in force at the time the service is provided and in accordance with the different plans. The provision of these services will be subject to availability and the schedules, shifts or physical stock of the inputs, goods, facilities or spaces necessary for it. 
  2. THE HOTEL may, at any time, order the change of room and THE GUEST must accept it. 
  3. THE HOTEL has the rates, prices of the service, start time and departure time available to the public, to which THE GUEST is subject. 
  4. THE HOTEL has the right of retention and pledge on the luggage and property owned by the GUEST, rights that will become effective for breach of obligations by the GUEST. In this case, THE HOTEL may retain the aforementioned luggage and goods as a pledge for a period of thirty (30) days, counted from the date of non-compliance. THE HOTEL may freely dispose of the pledged objects and with their proceeds, cover the outstanding obligations including interest plus (20%) for costs and expenses. The surplus, if any, will be made available to the GUEST and, in the event of a deficit, the creditor's actions will remain safe.
  5.  If THE HOTEL is unable to comply with your reservation accepted in writing, as long as there is prepayment or it is forced to terminate the lodging in advance within a certain period, must obtain accommodation for THE GUEST in another establishment of similar rate. If the rate of the substitute hotel is lower, THE HOTEL will refund the difference to the GUEST, and if it is higher, the decision will always be made by the HOTEL, but it will ensure that there is no difference in rates as much as possible. 


  1. THE GUEST declares to know the rate, fees and prices of the HOTEL and admits that these are modified without prior notice. 
  2. THE GUEST undertakes to pay its cash value in cash or by credit or debit card, at the time the respective service is provided and, in any case, at the time of cessation of stay at THE HOTEL. The hotel day includes the period of 21 hours of permanence of the GUEST, from 03:00 pm as the check-in time, until 12:00 pm as the check-out time from the HOTEL. The partial use of the hotel day causes the payment of the full rate. 
  3. THE GUEST will be responsible even for slight fault of his obligations and those of his companions. Any non-registered person who makes use of the accommodation exclusively reserved for THE GUEST, must register and pay a surcharge of 100% on the current canon
  4. THE GUEST must present good conduct during his stay, dress appropriately and not engage in behaviors that deteriorate coexistence or alter the peaceful environment of the HOTEL, under penalty of being Suspended the provision of their services. THE HOTEL will refrain from providing its services when the behavior or clothing of the GUEST is not appropriate.
  5.  THE GUEST admits that the practice of sports, physical exercises, driving ships or motorcycles, or any other aquatic or terrestrial vehicle, the use of instruments or tools and, in general, any activity that implies a risk, implies that they have the skills and knowledge that enable you to assume such risks, as well as the responsibility in case you suffer any damage or injury from which you expressly exempt the HOTEL. 
  6. THE GUEST undertakes to use the furniture and, in general, the facilities of the HOTEL in an appropriate manner, keeping them in the state in which they are found and, therefore, will be responsible for any damage or loss of the elements and goods of the HOTEL until for slight fault In the event of total or partial loss or damage to the HOTEL's assets, due to causes attributable to the GUEST or his dependents, the latter will recognize the price set by THE HOTEL plus 50% as a penalty or fine, items such as: keys to the room, $100,000 COP per key; TV or AC remote control, $100,000 COP per control; and all those provided by the HOTEL. 
  7. THE GUEST acknowledges the authority of the HOTEL Manager in case of controversy or conflict, as well as the right of inspection or surveillance that the HOTEL officials have to guarantee the proper use of the housing and common use units. This right will be exercised in a reasonable manner and includes the power to enter or search the room when, in the opinion of the HOTEL Manager, it is necessary. THE GUEST, in turn, undertakes to observe the hours and rules set by the HOTEL for the provision of its services and facilitate access to its employees for routine work in the room. 
  8. THE HOTEL does not assume any responsibility if bad weather, swell, strong waves, turbulent waters, rain or other natural events considered force majeure occur during the provision of the service. 



The accommodation contract ends: A) Due to the expiration of the agreed fixed term. B) For breach of any of the obligations of the parties. Failure of the GUEST will not exonerate him from paying the full fee for the agreed term. C) When the contract is entered into on a day-to-day basis, that is, when the term of the guest's stay at THE HOTEL is not expressly stated on the hotel registration card, the contract will be terminated at the expiration of the hotel day set according to the contract. D) When the contract is for a specific term, it will end when it expires; in which case, THE HOTEL may dispose of the room. In case of early termination, the GUEST must pay the rate corresponding to the term agreed in this contract (EARLY DEPARTURE), unless there is reasonable cause that, in the HOTEL's opinion, 



The lodging contract is proven by means of the hotel registration card that THE HOTEL issues, accepted by the GUEST's signature, which certifies that the latter adheres to the stipulations contained herein. THE GUEST expressly accepts that the sum of money settled that appears on the invoice, will provide executive merit. 



If the objects that the GUEST wishes to be kept in custody are not delivered to the HOTEL, the HOTEL will be exonerated from all responsibility in the event of loss or damage to assets, such as money, credit or debit cards, paper money, travel checks, jewelry, cameras, equipment, utensils, cell phones, tablets or any other electronic device, etc., since these goods will be under the sole and exclusive domain of the GUEST. For this, THE HOTEL has safe deposit boxes at no cost, which are anchored in each room and for which there is a single opening key, under the GUEST's protection. In case of loss or misplacement of the key, THE GUEST must pay $100,000 COP, considering that THE HOTEL must hire an expert to open the safe, make a new key and change the combination of said box. 



 The HOTEL reserves the right to charge guests who wish to enter before 3:00 pm the value of 50% additional to the contracted rate plus VAT. Subject to quota and availability, prior request of the GUEST to the HOTEL. 



 The HOTEL may charge the GUEST 50% of the value of 1 night's accommodation, at the contracted rate, plus VAT, for late departures after 12:00 pm, and up to 100% of the value of the first night for departures after from 3:00 p.m. 


 In the case of early departure to the date confirmed in the reservation, a charge will be made corresponding to 100% of the reserved accommodation nights, at the contracted rate, plus taxes. For this, THE HOTEL will reserve the right to apply this penalty. 



  1. THE EXPLOITATION AND ABUSE OF MINORS IN COLOMBIA ARE CRIMES JUDGED FULLY WITH DEPRIVATION OF LIBERTY. In accordance with LAW 679 OF 2001, which authorizes the HOTEL to report to the competent authorities any criminal act against minors. The hotel protects children and adolescents from all types of sexual and commercial exploitation (ESCNNA), which is why its employees have signed a code of conduct to prevent this type of action. 
  2. All minor boys or girls must remain in the company of their parents or a responsible adult, for this it is essential to present the identity record of the minor, which allows the HOTEL to establish a relationship between the minor and the accompanying adult. . THE HOTEL WILL NOT allow registering accommodation to anyone who does not comply with this condition. 
  3. In Colombia, the illegal traffic of species of flora and fauna is penalized (Law 453 of 2011; Resolution 192 of 2014).
  4.  At the HOTEL we are committed to promoting actions and practices in favor of environmental conservation, cultural heritage, optimization of natural resources and compliance with current legislation in the tourism sector, therefore the GUEST must assume our practices to contribute to the optimization of resources and conservation of the environment. 


SMOKING IS PROHIBITED INSIDE THE ROOMS. (LAW 1335 2009 Ministry of Social Protection). In Colombia there is legislation on smoke-free spaces and the impact that cigarette or tobacco smoke has on other people. It is for this reason that in the closed or indoor spaces of the hotel, smoking is not allowed. For this, the hotel has spaces previously arranged and designated for smokers, where they can smoke outdoors. Our rooms are considered closed spaces, therefore smoking is not allowed. The GUEST who fails to comply with this consideration, must pay the value of one (1) night's lodging, at the contracted rate, plus VAT, corresponding to cleaning, disinfection and deodorization of the room and elements contained in it, understand sheets, pillows, towels, cushions, etc. 


FOR SECURITY, THE HOTEL does not accept visitors in the rooms, any visit must be previously reported and registered at the hotel reception. 


Taking into account that the transfer to the hotel facilities is done by sea, we allow ourselves to inform you about the conditions of the luggage allowed on board our boats. 


Each guest is entitled to one (1) suitcase. 

Weight: 25 kilos per piece. 

Measurements: 158 cm (Height+Width+Length) 

Additional luggage will cost $40 USD or its equivalent in Colombian pesos for each piece. 


Conditions of Services Offered.