Laws & Regulations

Our Commitment 

The Isla del Encanto hotel is formally registered in the National Tourism Registry. 

RNT: 163585 / 4719

Through our operating agency, RODIL BOUTROUS SAS, we are certified in NTS AV01 – AV02, customer service and reservations. In addition, we implemented two technical standards on sustainability NTS-TS 002 and 003, and the single regulatory decree 1072 on occupational health and safety. 


Currently, the Isla del Encanto hotel generates 140 direct and 100 indirect jobs, in which both the local community of Cartagena and the inhabitants of Barú are integrated. 

Our facilities are open for opportunities! 

In the hotel facilities we have spaces for the artisans of the area to market their products. 

Human Capital 

In accordance with current legal provisions, we are committed to the comprehensive well-being of all collaborators and the continuous improvement of working conditions. 

Within hotel operations, we are governed by Sole Regulatory Decree 1072 of 2015, Book 2, Part 2, Title 4, Chapter 6, which sets out the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System. 

Similarly, we implemented Resolution 0312 of February 19, 2019, which defines the minimum standards of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System for employers and contractors. 

Health and safety weeks at work are held annually, encouraging everyone's commitment. 


Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response 

At the Isla del Encanto hotel we are aware of vulnerability to eventual emergencies, which is why we have: 

Structured emergency plan. 

Signage on the premises. 

Trained emergency brigades. 


Emergency Preparedness 

First aid kits in all areas.

emergency brigades.

Fire fighting equipment in all facilities.


Our Boys, Girls and Adolescents

In our organization we reject the sexual and commercial exploitation of children and adolescents (ESCNNA).

Resolution 3840 of 2009, Law 1336 of 2009.

We are certified by The Code and we are part of the La Muralla Soy Yo campaign , for the prevention of sexual and commercial exploitation of children and adolescents.


No to discrimination

We reject any act of discrimination against a person, group of people, community or people, and the violation of their rights.

Law 1482 of 2011 and Law 1752 of 2015.


Our Cultural Heritage

 In our organization we reject the commercialization and illegal traffic of regional and national cultural goods.

Law 1185 of 2008 and Law 1675 of 2013.

On behalf of the entire Isla del Encanto hotel team, we invite you to support us in the great mission of contributing to the development of our region and the sustainability of an activity as rewarding and important as tourism.

From Barú, in the Corales del Rosario Park, we welcome you.


Anti-Tobacco Law – Smoke-Free Spaces in Colombia

Smoking is prohibited inside the hotel rooms (law 1335/09, Ministry of Social Protection). In Colombia there is legislation on spaces free of cigarette or tobacco smoke due to its impact on the health of other people. It is for this reason that in the closed or indoor spaces of the hotel, smoking is not allowed. For this, the hotel has designated outdoor spaces for smokers. Our rooms are considered closed spaces; therefore, smoking is not allowed. The guest who fails to comply with this consideration, must pay the value of one (1) night of lodging, at the contracted rate, plus VAT, corresponding to the cleaning, disinfection and deodorization of the room and elements contained in it, understood as: sheets, pillows, towels, cushions, etc.


Tipping Policy – ​​Tip Warning

At Isla del Encanto we suggest to our consumers a tip corresponding to 10% of the value of the bill, which may be accepted, rejected or modified, according to their assessment of the service provided. When requesting your account, tell the person who attends you whether or not you want said amount to be included in the bill, or indicate the amount that you want to give as a tip. If you have any problem with the collection of the tip, contact the hotline of the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce, so that your complaint can be filed, at the telephone numbers (1) 5920400 (Bogotá) and 01 8000 910165 (national toll-free line).


Prohibitions for the Sale of Liquors 

According to Law 124/94, the sale of intoxicating beverages to minors and pregnant women is prohibited.


Right of withdrawal 

You can exercise your right to withdraw only in non-face-to-face purchases made on our website or at the sales office in Cartagena. This request must be made in writing to the email, within a maximum of five (5) business days after confirmation of purchase. If the entry date is before five days, the right to withdraw will not apply. Once the request is received, we will refund the full value of the money without discounts or withholdings within a maximum term of 30 calendar days from your request. This will be done by reversing the credit card used in the purchase or by bank deposit to the holder of the reservation, if it was paid in cash or by bank transfer.