Charming Birds

We pick you up and take you in comfortable ground transportation with a bilingual guide. Visit the Aviary, then take a boat across to the Island of Enchantment where a welcome cocktail and buffet lunch await. Relax on the beach, the pool and enjoy all the facilities during this Avian Daytour.

The offer includes:

Round-trip transportation.

Tour guide. 

Entrance to the Aviary.

Welcome cocktail. 

Buffet lunch. 

Access to beach and pool. 



  • Pick-up time: From 06:00 am
  • Departure time: 07:00 am
  • Estimated Aviary Arrival Time: Around 09:00 am
  • Departure time from the Aviary to the Island: 11:00 am
  • Estimated arrival time in Barú: 11:20 am
  • Return from the Island: 04:00 pm
  • Estimated arrival time in Cartagena: 05:30 pm


  • Depart from Bocagrande, with pick-up in the North Zone, take Manga, Mamonal, Pasacaballos, Ararca, Santa Ana, stop at Aviario, Baru, parking and then take the boat to the Island. Route 90A - alternates due to closure or traffic jam on the road to Mamonal.
  • At any time, the hotel may change or modify the routes or means of transport when safety or weather conditions require it.


  • Individuals up to 3 people.
  • Up to 12 people go.
  • Buses for up to 40 people.

Terms and conditions

It does not include any other services or products.

There are areas with restricted access to hikers, only accessible to guests exclusively.