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About us

Corporate values

Commitment: The ability of our staff to become aware of the importance of conducting their work within the stipulated times, in order to satisfy the interested parties needs.

Equity: We generate opportunities for our staff according to their merits, without distinctions or preferences.

Honesty: Transparency, loyalty and fairness are very important in each one of our interpersonal relationships.

Respect: we offer all our clients a dignified, kind and tolerant treatment with a great spirit of service.

Responsibility: We efficiently fulfill all our assigned tasks by offering the best, preserving a good work environment and assuming the consequences of our words and actions.

Solidarity: We are collaborators and support each other unconditionally, especially in difficult situations.

Tolerance: We recognize the rights of others by accepting their qualities, attitudes and behaviors.

Teamwork: We unify talents, experiences, knowledge, skills and efforts to achieve the objectives, and turn collaboration and work with others into key factors of competitiveness and efficiency.

Our Mission
RODIL BOUTROUS S.A.S, Isla del Encanto Hotel and Agency, has as an organizational philosophy the provision of tourism services under a focus on quality, environment, safety and human warmth, contributing to the economic and tourism development of the region, through the active participation of our human resource in the development of processes to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers and guests.
Vision 2023
RODIL BOUTROUS S.A.S, Isla del Encanto Hotel and Agency, has as a strategic goal to be recognized in 2023 as the best option in accommodation services, day tour and events organization at the national level, and contributing to the socioeconomic growth of the region and guaranteeing quality standards in the provision of services.

Integrated Management Policy

We are committed to recognize the importance of human resource and to always seek the wellbeing of our workers and third parties involved in our tourism services.

Our priority is to fully satisfy our customers requirements and expectations. We guarantee a culture of quality based on respect for the ecosystem sustainable development and compliance with legal and contractual requirements, by identifying those factors that may generate environmental impacts, work accidents and occupational diseases.

In the same way, we strengthen our social and cultural responsibility with local communities, ensuring the prevention of sexual and commercial exploitation of children and adolescents.

Our activities are aimed at developing tasks for the mitigation and / or compensation of environmental impacts, preventing conditions that may affect our personnel health and at ensuring an adequate work environment through continuous improvement and process optimization.

Likewise, we are focused on the improvement of work environment conditions through training in order to increase the efficiency, proficiency, awareness and responsibility of every worker.

Pet handling policy

  • Allowed 1 dog, small breed up to (10kg) traveling in its own container.
  • Previous information at the time of booking.
  • Complying with health permits and vaccination certificates.
  • Must have collar and leash when outside the container.
  • Must remain in a briefcase during transportation in/out by boat.
  • The hotel reserves the right of admission.
  • There are breed and behavior restrictions
  • Charge applies 250,000 per night for cleaning and disinfection of the room.
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