Staff member holding bed amenities by the stairs of a room at Hotel Isla Del Encanto

About Us

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Commitment: The ability of our human talent to become aware of the importance of fulfilling the development of their work within the stipulated times, in favor of satisfying the needs of all interested parties. 

Equity:  We generate opportunities for our staff by virtue of their merits, without distinctions or preferences. 

Honesty:  We have a coherent attitude toward the truth in our interpersonal relationships, linked to transparency, loyalty, justice and acting reasonably. 

Respect:  we offer all our internal and external clients dignified, friendly and tolerant treatment, in addition, we always demonstrate a spirit of service.  

Responsibility:   We fully and efficiently comply with all our assigned tasks, offering the best, preserving the work environment and assuming the consequences of our words and actions. 

Solidarity:  We are collaborators and we support each other unconditionally, especially in compromising or difficult situations. 

Tolerance:  We recognize the rights of others, valuing and accepting their qualities, attitudes and behaviors.  

Teamwork:  We unify talents, experiences, knowledge, abilities and efforts to achieve objectives, turning collaboration and work with others into key factors of competitiveness and efficiency. 


RODIL BOUTROUS SAS, Isla del Encanto Hotel and Agency, has as its organizational philosophy the provision of tourist services under a focus on quality, environment, comprehensive security and human warmth, contributing to the economic and tourist development of the region, through the active participation of our human talent in the development of processes, thus satisfying the needs and exceeding the expectations of our clients, guests and other interested parties. 

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RODIL BOUTROUS SAS, Isla del Encanto Hotel and Agency, has as its strategic goal to be recognized in 2023 as the best option in accommodation services, day tours, organization and holding of events at the local and national level, contributing to socioeconomic growth. of the region and guaranteeing quality standards in the provision of services. 


Integrated Management Policy

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Integrated Management Policy

Staff member preparing a room bed in Master Suite at Hotel Isla Del Encanto

At RODIL BOUTROUS SAS we are socially committed to: 

  • Recognize the importance of our human capital and other interested parties involved in the development of our economic activities as an organization of tourist services, identifying risk factors that may have an impact on the quality of our services, environment, economic, sociocultural, safety and health in work, through the implementation of control measures according to our work context. 
  • Satisfying the requirements and expectations of our stakeholders, through processes based on a culture of quality, respect for the sustainable development of the ecosystem, continuous improvement of processes and compliance with applicable legal and contractual requirements. 
  • The prevention of sexual, and commercial exploitation of children and adolescents (ESCNNA) in our organization. 
  • The strengthening of the individual and group skills of our collaborators for the management of organizational knowledge. 
  • Implementation of biosecurity standards for the prevention of contagion by COVID-19.