A person doing yoga in sea deck during sunset near Hotel Isla Del Encanto

Body and soul in harmony

Restore the balance between mind and body by achieving an elevated state of well-being and harmony. With our Wellness & Health programs, you will embark on a journey of transformation.  

When mind and body are in harmony, the result is health, inner peace and happiness, and our spa therapists are available to choose a regimen that best meets your needs. All the programs are conducted under medical supervision by a wellness team experienced in physical therapy, holistic healing, massage therapies and healthy eating. 

A person having a sea salt body scrub in the spa at Hotel Isla Del Encanto

Dra Sofia Perez Hooker

Alternative Therapeutics Specialist
Medical Director 

Dra Sofia Perez Hooker is an expert in biological medicine, homotoxicology, holistic nutrition and functional medicine. For Dr. Sofía, promoting good habits and improving the quality of life of her patients through alternative medical innovation, natural therapies and healthy eating is her main objective. 

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